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Around the world, Porter Press International is renowned for publishing top-quality motoring books. Founded in 2005 by acclaimed automotive author Philip Porter, it is now firmly established as a leading motoring publisher. The flagship ‘Great Cars’ series has won numerous awards, with subjects including the double Le Mans-winning Ford GT40, Ross Brawn’s Ferrari 250 GT SWB, Le Mans-winning Jaguar C-type and a very important Ferrari 250 GTO.

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Publishing a huge range of motoring titles from Aston to Mini and Ferrari to Formula 1

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The sister series ‘Exceptional Cars’ is also well-established and includes titles on the first three AC Cobras, an important GT40 and the Le Mans class-winning Bizzarrini. A third series entitled ‘Porter Profiles’ launched in late 2017 with the first example featuring a famous competition Austin Healey.
The unrivalled Porter Press team includes Senior Editor Mark Hughes, the widely respected former editor of Autosport and Classic & Sports Car who was Editorial Director of Haynes for 15 years. James Page and Ray Hutton, former Editors, respectively, of Classic & Sports Car and Autocar, are both Porter Press editors and authors. All three liaise closely with designer Andy Garman, with whom Philip has worked for 20 years.
Authors include Doug Nye, Ian Wagstaff, Keith Bluemel, Mick Walsh, Chas Parker, Rinsey Mills, J. Mac Hulbert, Richard Heseltine, Gordon Bruce, Mark Cole and Philip Porter, several of whom have won the Guild of Motoring Writers’ Montagu of Beaulieu Trophy.
Porter Press is proud to have worked closely with motoring icons Murray Walker, Martin Brundle, Derek Bell, Gordon Murray and Stirling Moss, the last-named being the subject of Philip Porter’s hugely popular Stirling Moss – the Definitive Biography Volume 1, published in 2016.
The dedicated Porter Press in-house team are based in a restored thatched 16th century barn at Philip and Julie’s rural home, where Philip has lived for 40 years. Many of the office team, and those based remotely, have worked with the Porters for more than 10 years and take enormous pride in their work. Over the last 30 years, Philip has written more than 30 books.

Probably the pinnacle of publishing expertise is the ability to retail what really is the ULTIMATE F1 collection for the seriously minded or F1 fanatic..
Probably the single most expensive and desirable cars in the World, UK models have been insured for over £30 million pounds

The 250-series was an early Ferrari success story and in 1959 spawned one of the most recognisable sports cars ever built. It is now also one of the most coveted. The 250 GT Berlinetta (aka SWB, ‘Short Wheelbase’) had a dual role as supreme grand tourer and outstanding racing car. Chassis 2689GT, the subject of this book, was purchased by amateur racer Pierre Dumay on behalf of his friend Pierre Noblet – who had written off his previous 250 GT SWB in an accident at Clermont-Ferrand. Shortly after taking delivery, Noblet and co-driver Jean Guichet took the new car to a class-winning third place overall in the Le Mans 24 Hours – the dawn of a relatively brief, but very bright, competition history

  • Represents a bygone age of sports car racing, when ‘gentlemen drivers’ – well-heeled amateurs, for the most part – could compete successfully against the world’s best. The car’s owner, Pierre Noblet, would invariably be back in his office at 9am on the morning after a race weekend, running his textile business.
  • Chronicles the full racing history of 2689GT, including its notable start at Le Mans and victories at Monza and on the old street circuit in Brussels, and covers the wider racing successes of the 250 GT SWB.
  • Outlines the engaging backstories 2689GT’s principal drivers – Pierre Noblet and Jean Guichet.
  • Includes profiles of some of the most influential engineers and designers in automotive history: Mauro Forghieri, Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini all played a part in the 250 GT SWB’s genesis.

Books are in preparation for all three series, plus a variety of individual titles. Two new series are also being created: the Ultimate series and Coachbuilt Cars.
Each new volume confirms Porter Press International as the publisher of choice for discerning motoring enthusiasts.
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‘Thanks to social media, not that long ago it became a generalised opinion within the print industry that their days were numbered. Nobody would buy books or magazines anymore. Even worse, nobody in the future would write books or provide copy for magazines.

With hundreds of books on every marque imaginable..

‘Well, thankfully, and although the market is still facing huge re-adjustment, necessity has once again become the ‘mother of invention’. And while the likes of Wikipedia may feed the mind, it’s still a compromise dictionary. That’s why we need specialist books produced by the likes of Porter Press International. All titles in the Exceptional Cars Series are carefully selected, well-researched, factually correct, written by trusted experts and produced in such a way as to provide pleasure of touch, and a good read.’

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Alfa Romeo Monza – The autobiography of a celebrated 8C-2300 £60………..https://porterpress.co.uk/products/alfa-romeo-monza-the-autobiography-of-a-celebrated-8c-2300
Alfa Romeo Monza – The autobiography of a celebrated 8C-2300 (Limited Edition) £25 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/alfa-romeo-monza-a-celebrated-8c-2300-deluxe-edition
Anniversary Box Set: Capri 50 + The Cars You Always Promised Yourself (Collector’s Edition) £99.95 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/capri-50-collectors-book-bundle
Anniversary Set: Capri 50 + The Cars You Always Promised Yourself £54.95 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ford-books-standard-bundle
Aston Martin DB4 G.T. Continuation £40 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/aston-martin-db4-gt-continuation
Aston Martin Ulster – The remarkable history of CMC 614 £30 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/remarkable-history-of-aston-martin-ulster-cmc-614
Austin-Healey 3000 – The Story of DD 300 £20 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/austin-healey-3000-the-story-of-dd-300
Bugatti Type 50 – The autobiography of Bugatti’s first Le Mans car £60 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/bugatti-t50-le-mans-car
Bugatti Type 50 – The autobiography of Bugatti’s first Le Mans car (Limited Edition) £25 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/bugatti-t50-le-mans-car-limited-edition
Derek Bell – All my Porsche races £45 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/derek-bell-book-all-my-porsche-races
E-type Definitive History – (Second Edition) £95 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/e-type-definitive-history-second-edition-standard
E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration & Maintenance £29.99 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/e-type-jaguar-diy-restoration-maintenance
ERA R4D – The autobiography of R4D £60 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/era-r4d-the-autobiography-of-r4d
ERA R4D – The autobiography of R4D (Limited Edition) £25 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/era-r4d-the-autobiography-of-r4d-deluxe-edition
Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase – 2119 GT – Signed by Ross Brawn £12 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/special-signed-edition-ferrari-250-gt-swb-2119-gt
Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase – The autobiography of 2119 GT £ 60 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ferrari-250-gt-swb-standard-edition
Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase – The autobiography of 2119 GT (Limited Edition) £ 25
Ferrari 250 GT SWB – The remarkable history of 2689 £30
Ferrari 250 GTO – The autobiography of 4153 GT £60
Ferrari 250 GTO – The autobiography of 4153 GT (Limited Edition) £25
Ferrari 250 LM – The remarkable history of 6313 £30
Ford GT40 – The autobiography of 1075 £60
Ford GT40 – The autobiography of 1075 (Limited Edition) £25
Ford GT40 Mark II – The remarkable history of 1016 £ 0
Gentleman Heroes – YU 3250 – The first Blower Bentley and the men who made it happen £95
Graham Hill Scrapbook 1929-1966 (Limited Edition) £75
Iso Bizzarrini – The remarkable history of A3/C 0222 £30
Jaguar C-type – The autobiography of XKC 051 £60
Jaguar C-type – The autobiography of XKC 051 (Limited Edition) £25
Jaguar D-type – The autobiography of XKD 504 £60
Jaguar D-type – The autobiography of XKD 504 (Limited Edition) £25
Jaguar Design – A Story of Style £45
Jaguar Lightweight E-type – Signed by Brian Johnson of AC/DC £12
Jaguar Lightweight E-type – Signed by Brian Redman £12
Jaguar Lightweight E-type – The Autobiography of 4 WPD £60
Jaguar Lightweight E-type – The autobiography of 4 WPD (Collectors’ Edition) £1,200
Jaguar Lightweight E-type – The autobiography of 4 WPD (Limited Edition) £ 25
Jaguar Lightweight E-type – The autobiography of 49 FXN £60
Jaguar Lightweight E-type – The autobiography of 49 FXN (Limited Edition) £25
Jaguar Scrapbook (Limited Edition) £59.95
Jaguar XK 120 – The remarkable history of JWK 651 £30
Jaguar XK 120 Supersonic by Ghia £35
Jaguar XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance £35 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/jaguar-xk-diy-restoration-maintenance
John Egan – Saving Jaguar £15
John Fitzpatrick Group C Porsches – The Definitive History £225.0
Lotus 18 – The autobiography of Stirling Moss’s ‘912’ (Limited Edition) £25
Lotus 18 – The autobiography of Stirling Moss’s ‘912’ £60
Martin Brundle Scrapbook £29.95
Maserati 250F – The autobiography of 2528 £60
Maserati 250F – The autobiography of 2528 (Limited Edition) £25 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/maserati-250f-the-autobiography-of-2525-de-luxe-edition
Maserati 4CLT – The remarkable history of chassis no. 1600 £30 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/maserati-4clt-chassis-no-1600-book
Mini Scrapbook – 60 years of a British icon £20 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/classic-mini-car-book
New Ford Book | The Cars You Always Promised Yourself £44.95 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ford-book
New Ford Book | The Cars You Always Promised Yourself (Collector’s) £79.95 https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ford-collectors-edition
One Formula – 50 years of car design £225.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/gordon-murray-one-formula
One Formula – 50 years of car design (Limited Edition) £750.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/gordon-murray-car-design-book-one-formula
One Formula – 50 years of car design (Unique Edition) £2,500.00 GBPhttps://porterpress.co.uk/products/unique-edition-book-gordon-murray
Original Jaguar XK (2nd edition) £99.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/original-jaguar-xk-2nd-edition-by-philip-porter
Original Jaguar XK – The Restorer’s Guide £69.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/original-jaguar-xk-book-restorers-guide
Original Jaguar XK – The Restorer’s Guide (Limited Edition) £69.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/original-jaguar-xk-the-restorers-guide-de-luxe-edition
Porsche 911 Scrapbook £34.95 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/porsche-911-scrapbook-standard-edition
Porsche 911 Scrapbook (Limited Edition) £100.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/porsche-911-scrapbook-deluxe
Porsche 917 – The autobiography of 917-023 £60.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/the-autobiography-of-porsche-917-023-standard
Porsche 917 – The autobiography of 917-023 (Limited Edition) £250.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/porsche-917-the-autobiography-of-917-023-de-luxe-edition
Stirling Moss – The Definitive Biography, Volume 1 £200.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/stirling-moss-the-definitive-biography-volume-1
Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1929-1954 £39.95 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/stirling-moss-scrapbook-1929-1954-standard-edition
Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1929-1954 (Limited Edition) £95.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/stirling-moss-scrapbook-1929-1954-de-luxe-edition
Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1955 £130.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/stirling-moss-scrapbook-1955-signed-standard-1st-edition
Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1956-1960 £39.95 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/stirling-moss-scrapbook-1956-1960-standard-edition
Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1956-1960 (Limited Edition) £95.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/stirling-moss-scrapbook-1956-1960-de-luxe-edition
Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1961 (Limited Edition) £95.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/stirling-moss-scrapbook-1961-de-luxe-edition
The First Three Shelby Cobras – The sports cars that changed the game £30.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/the-first-three-shelby-cobras-the-sports-cars-that-changed-the-game
The Le Mans Model Collection 1949-2009 £200.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/the-le-mans-model-collection-1949-2009-standard-edition
The Le Mans Model Collection 1949-2009 (Limited Edition) £675.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/le-mans-model-collection-1949-2009-deluxe
The Self Preservation Society – 50 Years of The Italian Job £45.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/italian-job-book
The Self Preservation Society – 50 Years of The Italian Job (Collector’s) £95.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/the-self-preservation-society-collectors-edition
The XK Files: 120, by Jennifer Barker (children’s book) £6.99 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/the-xk-files-120-by-jennifer-barker-childrens-book
Ultimate E-type – The Competition Cars (Classic Edition) £200.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ultimate-e-type-the-competition-cars-standard
Ultimate E-type – The Competition Cars (Collectors’ Edition) £2,200.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ultimate-e-type-the-competition-cars-collectors-edition
Ultimate E-type – The Competition Cars (Limited Edition) £350.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ultimate-e-type-the-competition-cars-de-luxe-edition
Ultimate E-type – The Competition Cars – Signed by Peter Sutcliffe £250.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/ultimate-e-type-the-competition-cars-signed
Works Porsche 956 – The Definitive History £450.00 GBP https://porterpress.co.uk/products/works-porsche-956-book