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ShipMyCar was incorporated in 2006 by directors Nick Roach and Kingsley Read.  Since then the UK car shipping business, based in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire, has grown from strength to strength and now employs a close team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and shipping agents. We are proud to be a member of the Specialist Vehicle Trade Association and a warm welcome awaits business and owners.

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At ShipMyCar we have shipped thousands of different vehicles around the world for our varied clients. From beautiful classics to stunning supercars and everything in between!  Many of our clients are private individuals who need to bring their vehicle into the UK or indeed export out of the UK.  It could be they have purchased a vehicle from the USA, Japan or South Africa for example or they are moving back to the UK from Dubai, China or Australia for instance and wish to bring their car with them.  Whatever the scenario ShipMyCar are the experts in any type of car shipping.

Events, Tours and unusual loads no problem!

Additional loads no problem, because we cater for everyone for Classic and Motorsport

We keep you our customer informed 24-7

With your vehicle in shipping, we provide complete access to a fully detailed update on its location from your computer or smartphone.

Google maps provides an instant and detailed location of your vehicle

Over the years we have worked on the movement of vehicles for many high profile Motorsport events around the world and also for film and television.

We do exactly what our name suggests, and we do it to conform with all international car shipping standards. We are continually trusted to move irreplaceable vehicles worth millions of pounds and always offer complete discretion to our clients if required, and we pride ourselves on getting your vehicle to you in the shortest possible time and at unbeatable prices.

On arrival we make sure it’s fully UK compliant!

Our trained technical engineers and state of the art workshops and diagnostics, check every aspect and provide clear approval documentation for your vehicle to be used and kept in the UK.

Safe and highly secured storage

Our secure building and workshop of over 20,000 square feet is climatised and the perfect storage point pre and post arrival to and from the UK.

Let us quote for your car shipment

Very low profile cars need specialist loading ramps for complete safety on and off the ramp

Get a full breakdown of all costs involved for your car shipping needs in less than a minute:

  • Transport to port
  • Car Shipping costs
  • Marine Insurance
  • UK Import Costs
  • UK Testing (IVA / MOT)
  • DVLA Registration

This means that our website can instantly and accurately price up your international car shipping requirements for any make/model and for a growing number of car shipping routes. Our new instant car shipping quote system also features a Port Finder facility whereby you simply enter a zipcode/post code and we let you know the closest port of import/export.

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Shipping to or from the UK is a very important and personal task, often involving valuable cars and other items, as such we recommend checking our rates from the website but then give us a call and tell us you are an SVA customer for a friendly welcome.

For more information or to get in touch go to: Email us at: Or call +44 (0) 1908 887917



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