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The Midlands based Classic & Collectible car storage facility

Store My Car secure car storage Birmingham West Midlands

We offer a comprehensive range of services to car owners; from basic to high-security storage with monthly running and manufacturer-approved servicing and maintenance. Our technician-based services are performed by qualified mechanics or by the dealership of your choice. ensures your vehicle will be stored in a dry and secure environment with monthly maintenance programs to ensure that your vehicle remains in line with manufacturer guidelines and the all-important vehicle ‘Provenance’ and documentation is maintained. We can also fully tailor our services to suit your exacting requirements.

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Why choose Store-My-Car


Store My Car offers a dedicated, discreet service to our clients, who often live in or travel to the UK to secure a varied selection of cars with us. Our Security, Service, and Discretion are what sets us apart.

All the expert services you need are on hand


Our services are based around your requirements – From temporary parking whilst traveling in the UK, (Perhaps for the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham) vehicle collection and short-term or long-term storage. Our secure location in Birmingham also allows easy access to the Midlands transportation hub with fast access to all regions of the UK. (M5, M6, M40, M42, M1 & M54).


We are fully insured for your complete peace of mind. Our premises are guarded with high security, unpublished and equipped with the latest security products available. We understand fully that some rare cars are irreplaceable, that’s why the security of our buildings and your cars are at the foremost of our minds 24-7.

High security for ‘Investorcollector’ vehicles


We are open 9am-6pm Monday to Friday & 9am-4pm on Saturday. You can still access your vehicle on Sunday by prior appointment only, please.


Store My Car can also service your car in-house, or arrange transportation to your chosen dealer for servicing, depending on manufacturer and customer requirements. Finishing and event preparation is also something we love to do, so if your vehicle is heading for a show soon, we can have it prepped and concourse car gleaming.


If you are an investor with a portfolio including Rare and Collectible cars and wish to discuss our new Private Client Storage service, please call and speak to us. With our high security, fast response times and safe transportation capabilities we will be happy to arrange the collection and storage of high net worth cars or collections by agreement.

Our premium service ensures your car is rolled, the engine started and fluid levels are checked monthly. Store My Car will also make your vehicle’s battery is fully charged to ensure your car starts first time, even after prolonged storage.

Call us to discuss your preferential package of services & our rates

Store My can provide a variety of storage and maintenance services all in one package to suit you and ensure optimal care for your vehicles when stored with us. To speak to us and tailor your needs email: info@store-my-car-com But, we recommend calling us in person on 07863 540064 to speak to us.



Private Client & ‘Investorcollector’ service available