A new approach to Classic Car invstment is a platform with a range of brilliantly conceived services for Classic car businesses and Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts..

Invest in buying a portion of an appreciating Classic or Modern Collectible Car

TheCarCrowd has a unique approach to investing in a classic or collectible car, by allowing the investor to buy up to 10% of the motor in question. This way you share ownership of a particular car of your choice as an ‘Investorcollector’, but without the often substantial risk of buying an entire car and tying up what might be tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

TheCarCrowd has an official feefo rating of 4.8/5

Examples of appreciating Classic-Collectible cars

Below is a 1989 Ford Fiesta XR2 MkII. Also known as an ’80’s hot hatch’, these were desirable cars in the day along with Astra GTi, GolfGTi, Peugeot205GTi-1.9 and others. Onward into the 1990’s and these cars could be purchased for fractions of what they cost now. For Ford Fiesta below recently sold at an Historics auction in March 2022 at the Ascot Racecourse event for some £12,000 (With an estimated sale price of up to £16,000).

See also what was a desirable car in the day but now approaching serious only collector values. The 1987 Ford Sierra Cosford RS500 below sold at the same auction for an unbelievable £79,240.

Find out more about becoming an ‘Investorcollector’ with TheCarCrowd

To explore the opportunities offered with TheCarCrowd investment platform, go to TheCarCrowd or Email: (Potential investors please see the ‘SVA Says’ section at the bottom of this page)

See above some of our future opportunities for investment as at March 2022

List your car for thrid party investment, Rental or Film & TV use

TheCarCrowd has a USP of allowing registered members to leverage the value and desirability of their car/s, whether a full-blown Classic Aston Martin DB4 or an unusual, specialist, rare Modern Classic car. To find out more please register your details at TheCarCrowd List My Classic. (Registration details are required to list a specific car).

SVA Says: The Association was delighted to be invited to work with TheCarCrowd, it’s unique approach to asset leverage and the platform allowing enthusiasts of all kinds to buy a share in a rare and collectible car appealed to us. However, investing in Classic or Collectible cars is a highly specialized practice and values can go down as well as up. All due diligence should be applied by prospective investors to any SVA trade member or outside trader specializing in such matters. The association recommends in-depth discussions with the company displayed on the SVA and further with your investment IFA, bank or other.



Private Client approach to SVA members