The Motor Chain: Manage, preserve, Share and Transfer your car history safely and securely

Manage, Preserve, Share and Transfer your vehicle history

The provenance of a Classic or Collectible car is its History, including previous owners, servicing, repairs and any restoration or modifications to the vehicle in it’s life. Add to that who actually did the servicing or works, because all this affects the overall value and collectible status of your car. Watch our CartoArt video

Imagine losing the provenance to your car, if it were stolen, misplaced or damaged in fire, you could lose as much as 30% of its value and if celebrity-owned even more. Now there is a great solution to not only protect your vehicle history but to be able to safely share it.

A better way to manage, preserve, share, and transfer the history of your classic vehicle throughout its lifetime.

The Motor Chain App allows you to collect, maintain and update your vehicles’ history through a simple, powerful tool, backed by immutable blockchain technology.

More than just a document management system, The Motor Chain App lets you share your vehicle’s history, authorize service providers or certifiers to add to it, and even transfer the documentation seamlessly if you sell it. 

Fast to acquire and easy to use on your Apple, PC or phone

Serving the whole community


  • The easiest way to maintain your vehicle’s history
  • Full control of access to vehicle’s documentation
  • Immutable service and certification records
  • 1-click history sharing and transfer
  • Electronic notebooks and glove box
Veteran & Vintage cars


  • Remotely access a vehicle’s history
  • Validated vehicle owners
  • Service record search engine
  • Trusted vehicle provenance
  • 1-click transfer of vehicle’s documentation
Classic Cars

Workshops & Garages

  • Direct interaction with a vehicle’s history
  • Increased reputation and visibility in the community
  • Remote access to the vehicle’s history for more accurate estimation
  • The quickest and simplest  way to document services
  • Immutable records of services
Modern Performance & Collectible cars

Be part of The Motor Chain

The Motor Chain is an invitation-only community, where every member is verified. If you’d like to join us, request a personal invitation with the link below.

How it works

The Motor Chain App enables the management, sharing and transfer of classic and collectible vehicles and their associated documentation.

It does this by first allowing the vehicle’s owner to establish an immutable record of its history to date by registering documents and creating events in The Motor Chain, and then enables continual, near real-time updating of its record through the app.

These updates are managed through the app’s intuitive interface, and to further simplify the process, trusted service providers and certifiers can be permitted to register events such as restorations or certifications of status to the vehicle’s history.

Backed by Blockchain for complete safety

The Motor Chain will issue a cryptographic certificate to every single member of the community after verifying they are a real person or established business, and register it on the Hyperledger permissioned blockchain. This ensures that every single record – services, invoices, trips, certificates, or awards – is verified, and remains immutably linked to the vehicle, helping to prevent fraud in vehicle’s provenance and mileage.

To better support the restoration and tracking of classic vehicles, The Motor Chain has been designed to be able to track the chassis, transmission and engine separately.

SVA Says:

In this age of instant needs and the ability to share anything, this new platform is a very smart way to protact your vehicles provenance, but to then be free to share it anytime. It’s also great for business with many applications to add value for members.

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