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Welcome to totalkitcar online…

A warm welcome to totalkitcar online …I must confess to being very excited when I only half-read a press release this week announcing that Elva Cars were returning. Upon further reading, that wasn’t entirely correct.

When the serious cousin likes you is a great place to be!

The New McLaren Ultimate Series model is the Elva, prices start at £1,425,000 for the McLaren Elva below.. McLaren has purchased the rights to the ‘Elva’ name for their new McLaren Elva model, which is part of the Woking company’s Ultimate Series that also includes the Senna model. The Elva produces 804bhp from its 4-litre twin-turbo engine.

McLaren’s association goes back to the days when Peter Agg’s Trojan Cars were building M1, M6A and M10 for the manufacturer, having also acquired the roadgoing cars part of Elva Cars in 1961.

SVA Says: Above. I saw the Douglas Gardner cars at Goodwood this Summer and was simply stunned!

Classic Motor Show 1 above – Great British Sports Cars had a very impressive stand at the show, which featured GBS Zero and their Kit Spares operation

Classic Motor Show 2 above – Piper GTT never ceases to put a smile on my face. Sublime.

Classic Motor Show 3 above – Talking of classic specialist cars. The first three Unipower GTs off the production line were at the NEC

Classic Motor Show 4 – What a sorry end for an old MGF!

Classic Motor Show 5 – Beautiful Suffolk XK120 was on the company’s stand at the show. Suffolk Sports cars are at the ultimate end of Kit and manufactured Kit cars. Using a Jaguar XJ6 donor running gear, engine and drive train the hand built body is grafted on with the finishing fabrics and interiors completed to the customers own requirements..

SVA Says: As Managing Director of the SVA, I was invited by the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club to attend their international event at Windsor Castle in 2017. Suffolk Sports cars kindly provided a loaner SS100 for the 2 day event.. Beautifully finished and very fast, the car was a joy and worth every penny of the circa £75,000 value. These highly desirable cars are sold all over the world and enjoy easy insurability as a standard Classic car..

Your blank sheet to build your own project collectible Bubble car

Classic Motor Show 7 – Imagine the fun you could have with that!

I often wonder if inhaling enamel paint for umpteen years did me much good! I loved the smell though! You can read a potted Elva Cars history in Archives this week..

I read with interest this week a piece from the FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) that may well impact electric conversions on classic cars carried out by companies such as Lunaz (Rolls-Royces), SWIND (E Classic Mini), Charge Electric (Mustang) and RBW (MGB Electric), although there are plenty of others doing it, too.

To be recognised by the FIVA any classics converted to electric power should be a reversible process. I love the SWIND E CLASSIC. FIVA says that converting any classic (35 years and over) car to electric power should not be permanent and should be reversible. Jaguar’s E-type Zero and Aston Martin’s DB6 Electric are not affected as these are reversible alterations.

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Back in 2003, we published the totalkitcar Almanac, so this is a ‘sixteen years later’ Mk2 version, I guess. In a nutshell, it’s a round-up of every kitcar you can currently buy in the UK all listed in categories. You can buy a copy HERE (UK)EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS HERE or alternatively, if you live anywhere else in the world (such as Australia, North America and Japan etc) CLICK HERE.

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This issue includes a 20-page celebration of all things Classic Mini, which includes a look at a superb Neville Trickett MiniSprint, an A-Z of coachbuilt Minis and Jeroen Booij on what he considers to be six of the maddest Mini-based kitcars.

We also have a feature on the new GBS Zero Gen 2, the tR1ke by Rebel Performance Machines, a visit to Tiger Racing’s 30th birthday bash, a profile on Cheng Lim’s Thunder Road Cars operation and a look at the Evo 200 by RS Motorsport.

We also recently bagged a drive of the latest Dutton Surf S2, while Ford FE V8 gurus, Southern Automotive spend five minutes answering our questions, throw in Nigel Pittard’s marvellous bespoke Cobra replica and Gordon Bruce looking at the Jameson Beast ‘Special’.

It’s taken us sixteen years to publish the successor to the sought after totalkitcar Almanac – but meet the SPECIAL OPS KITCAR GUIDE (we didn’t want to re-use the Almanac name), which as the name suggests is the rounds up all the kitcars you can currently buy in the UK category-by-category… Choose this option ONLY if you live in the UK. Postage is applied relevant to your location at checkout stage.