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Quality Servicing and Repairs in Kent

Based in Kent, Usher Motors has long experience of maintaining Classic cars, in particular British cars. Two generations of expert mechanics are on hand to ensure all works are delivered as you the owner and as the original manufacturer would have liked.


Usher Motors Ltd has been trading for over 35 years and we’ve fixed and maintained a lot of cars during that time.  A family-owned business, Phil is the guv’nor ably supported by his son Luke with senior technicians: Jason and Mike.  Tracy runs the reception and keeps the chaps in check making sure your car is ready when they say it will be.

Whether you are calling in for a few litres of petrol; to buy car accessories, car polish, windscreen wash or are dropping you car in for a service, mot or repair – one thing’s for certain, you will always get a warm welcome.

Phil and his team pride themselves on the volume of repeat customers they have. The whole team is passionate about cars, that means yours is in safe hands.


Keeps your passengers safe

Regular servicing helps spot trouble. Identifying potential problems before they become real ones gives you peace of mind when driving, in particular older cars with technology from a different era.  We ensure all the essential checks are carried out to every critical vehicle component. Not only do we do the normal stuff like changing the oil and filter, we will look at your brakes and the system that operates them and give your suspension the once-over too.  We want to know that you have the confidence that your car won’t let you down when you need it the most.

Saves you money

A regularly serviced and well-maintained car will save you money in the long run. Having the car checked over at least once per year or at the manufacturers recommended mileage interval which keep your car operating at it’s maximum fuel efficiency – having new oil and air filters make for a better running engine.

Regular servicing & maintenance underpins the value of your car!

Classic and Collectible cars in particular will benefit from a regular service history, which will substantially add to the value of the vehicle and build its provenance for future owners to keep.

We only ever use Original Equipment Specification replacement parts or Manufacturers parts if you wish. If you have a new car, we can service that too without affecting your warranty. We have all the up-to-date diagnostic and test equipment and you can be sure your car will be looked after when you leave it with us for a bit of TLC

Longevity of your vehicle for many years

Like anything, the better you look after it, the longer it lasts, Classic, Collectible and Modern everyday cars can all be catered for. Maintaining your vehicle gives you the best possible chance of selling it for the most money, when the time comes for a change.

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