WillU FX

International Transactions and Payments

Jamie Reid Director: ‘WillU FX is something of an extraordinary company, in that it provides a range of specialist services to owners and businesses in the transacting of Rare Cars, large Collections and High to Ultra-high value vehicles.
Our experience and expertise in the automotive and financial worlds allows us to provide the right service for your purchase.
A smooth and seamless transaction is vital when buying rare cars & collections, as is customer service and working with those that share your passion’.

Private Client Service

Clients working on the International stage require an extraordinary level of service and WillU FX provides that initially in the person of Jamie Reid our Commercial Director. Well versed in high and ultra-high net worth vehicles and International Transacting, Jamie can be reached at– jamie@willufx.co.uk or call him on 07736 946156

Commercial Director Jamie Reid

Transactions of this type can be fraught with possible consequences, and WillU FX has a range of services available, professional and experienced staff and proven expertise at the highest levels. Our experience and expertise is unparalleled in managing rare car transactions.

A smooth and seamless transaction is vital when buying rare cars & collections

The issues are clear in transactions at this level, so how does WillU FX help?

The WillU Solution

How WillU Make A Saving?

We will not charge you any transactional fees to purchase currency and send International payments. We charge you a fixed margin on all transactions to maintain the saving. We guarantee to beat your current provider, making you considerable savings.

How many Currencies?

We can transact in over 140 currencies

How Quickly WillU Send my Money?

In as little as 2 minutes of the request being submitted

Who’s in control?

You control the transaction in the same way that you would do any other on-line transaction, you are in total control and know the prices and the margins when the money is sent.
We do all the hard the work for you

How WillU Achieve This

Our Technology powers thousands of individual transactions a day allowing it to run at small margins.
An individual account is set up via WillU FX giving you direct access and putting you in complete control

Is my Money Safe?

The technology that facilities the trades is FCA regulated and utilises client segregated accounts at Barclays Bank

How do I know the Margin I am Receiving?

Each transaction you do is at the agreed margin and can reach your intended destination within 2 minutes

How Easy Is It to Open an Account?

Opening an account is as straightforward as opening any bank account.
To get in touch with us and to discuss your own needs and transaction details in confidence, go to www.willufx.co.uk or call Commercial Director Jamie Reid on 07736 946156, who’ll be more than happy to have a brief chat about your requirements



Private Clients and Business welcome