Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

What do CEGGA do when in isolation? Why not build a £1million plus Ferrari piece by piece..

Well George and Claude Gachnang are doing just that, having built 60 of these extraordinary and rare cares are in their garage in Aigle in isolation and social distancing bringing back their Drogo bodied CEGGA Ferrari P4 back to life!

The CEGGA brothers made this car with a Cooper frame and a ‘275 Ferrari V12 engine with a transaxle gearbox. The body by Drogo is obviously inspired by Ferrari P4 (also a Drogo design). The Brothers recently bought a car found as a wreck and inspired by 006/20 decided to bring some of the amazing cars they built and raced in period back to life.

Images to the build project are below and we will keep you up to speed to see the completed car when we can.

Our thanks to David ‘Cookie’ Cooke for his time in keeping us up to speed and for his time recently in the interview we shared. If you would like to see our interviewing David discussing his Ex-England rugby life, cars, racing and his Baha California event adventure bike endurance racing, go to

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