Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Patina online auction ‘The Market’ announces a rare car ON SALE NOW!

This is an Ultra rare car #20 of 20 cars manufactured in this sport specification, based in Abingdon with its present owner this is a very special 3.5 V6 engined performance car. Hyper car driving at a fraction of Hyper car or even Evija money.


Lotus launched the Evora at the 2008 British International Motor Show, with it charging out of the Norfolk company’s stable shortly after.

The first all-new vehicle platform since the previous century, it mated a mid-mounted 3.5-litre, 24-valve V6 Toyota engine to another in a long line of sublime Hethel chassis.

The 2010 Evora S took the original car and upped matters considerably; now supercharged, the Japanese engine put out an impressive 345bhp (compared to the original 276bhp), taking performance into an entirely different plane.

Of course being Lotus, it was inevitable that it’d go racing – and go racing it did. The GTE followed the GT4 racer and was developed by Lotus Motorsport for entry into the global endurance LM GTE category.

In order to do so, 20 GTE road cars were produced for homologation purposes. These knocked 105kg off the already svelte standard car and used the racer’s engine to produce (wait for it!) a heady 438bhp – good enough for 0-60mph in four seconds dead. Production however was delayed by another Lotus takeover. Once that ‘distraction’ had been completed, it was decided to rebuild the already-made GTE cars in 2014/5. As part of that process, numerous improvements were made, but the standard 345hp Evora S engine was installed in them all. We do not know how many had the steering wheel on the left, but probably not many (the model was initially conceived as a China-only model!), making this an extremely rare opportunity for the serious Lotus enthusiast.

Cue a round of applause please, for this is one such car…

For more details and to read the extensive details and documentation go to:

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