Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Powerlite-Units offer a leap in technology for classic Porsche 911 owners..

The RAC 808, 506, 507 & 509 models for Porsche models

Totally new take on High Torque Starter Motors

Here’s a totally new take on High Torque Starter Motors, in the shape of Powerlite’s tiny invention for a classic Porsche 911 from 1963 to 1989.

Weighing in at just 2.6 kilos, our “Slimline” starter for the ever popular Porsche 911 is deceptively powerful. This unit features an epicyclic in-line gear box which delivers extra power when engaged and an internal solenoid. Lightweight, durable and easy to fit, this unit delivers 1.6 kilowatts of starting power with absolute minimum efficiency.

Part number RAC808 in our extensive range, this starter will also fit Porsche 912, Porsche 914, Porsche 930 and Porsche 959 where an original 9 tooth unit was used and is just one in a stunning line up of Porsche units, all made here at Powerlite.

British craftsmanship at its finest!

For further details, please get in touch – 01384 261984 or email

SVA Says: An important factor for owners to remember is that this new product is perfect for cars kept in storage for long periods but then benefit from a easier start up. But, for provenance, keeping the original or Porsche model starter motor for the car means they can quickly be swapped or provided with any sale or for an important event..

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