Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Revive your Classic Car from its Winter sleep with Rimmer Bros the experts..

We might be isolating ourselves for several weeks but what an excellent opportunity to get on with reawakening your Classic car in this period and even better, get on with those jobs, too long put off..

Rimmer Bros has all the Haynes manuals you could want, they also have a busy website for advice parts and so much more for you to call upon.

To read all the steps go to the Rimmer Bros page on the SVA website or click on the image-link above

Reviving Your Classic from its Winter Sleep

There’s a definite smell of spring in the air this month and here at Rimmer Bros we’re all set to support all your parts needs for the motoring season ahead.

It’s fair to say that it’s been a mild winter this year but also extremely damp as a result. If you’re bringing your car out from its winter hibernation, it may need a bit of TLC before it hits the road.

Here are a few things to check before you set off along the road.

Step 1 – Visual Inspection & Safety

Grab a notebook and have a good look around, you could be surprised by what’s changed over a short period. There’s one thing that classic cars hate and that’s sitting about doing nothing in a damp environment!

Make a note of anything that stands out to you as unusual. Paint blisters, rust, damp, low or cracked tyres, anything that wasn’t there before. Actually, you’ll probably pick up on all of those jobs you promised you’d do last year too!

Step 2 – Engine Oil and Service

The engine may have stood for some months without turning, so the majority of the oil is now in the sump – courtesy of gravity! This is a great time to drain it out and replace it.

Once you’ve replaced the oil, it’s probably worth turning the engine (without it firing) to prime the oil pump and get that fresh lubricant circulating before you actually run the engine up.

The easiest way of doing this is to remove the spark plugs and if possible, isolate the fuel supply too. This gives the starter motor an easier time to turn the engine and gives you an opportunity to inspect the condition of the spark plugs too!

To read the FULL list of advice please go to the Rimmer Bros landing page or their website..

May we wish all SVA trade and enthusiast members the very best at this time.. Martyn Raybould Managing Director

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