Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Rimmer Bros in November

SVA member Rimmer Bros regularly host special events and sales, tomorrow ends the Mega sale for Rover cars. November continues with great value benefits with this month focusing on MG, Triumph Rover and MG manufacturers.

‘Winter is coming’, officianado’s of the Game of Thrones series will know that means the matter to hand is urgent and perhaps even life impacting! There have been huge advances in vehicle lighting in recent years and those fortunate enough to have LED and Xenon lights know the difference. Rimmer Bros are having a sale exclusively focusing on this important aspect of ownership:

Rimmer Bros have a dedicated website to aid owners find everything you need as well as a page on our own site. And, if your new to working on your own car Rimmer have a whole range of videos to help owners with tasks, for more information:

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