Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Rimmer Winter sale by marque..

SVA member Rimmer Bros, one of the UK’s largest retailers of parts and spares for British cars is having an early Winter sale and making things easy for enthusiasts. Sales are regular with Rimmer, but this one is designed to make buying for your chosen interest as easy as possible, for more details go to the Rimmer Bros website:

Of course, enthusiasts and their cars come in all sizes and in fact ages. Because a collectible car isn’t necessarily an older car, many modern high tech models if kept as a second vehicle, driven limited miles and stored under cover will in many cases become a classic car in their own right. So.. If budget permits, keep that XF ‘R’ or Range Rover ‘Autograph’ with low miles and in tip top condition and it will absolutely pay dividends in both enjoyment and future value..

SVA says: We work with a number of rare and collectible car dealers such as Lamborghini, RR, Aston and Bentley dealers, they often sell even brand new vehicles to owners with a plan to keep the cars for many years or to invest in future values. For those lucky few, where budget holds no limit and they choose not to order and wait the 2-3 years, but buy that car now at an inflated rate, special editions can become highly valuable..

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