Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Roxsure Insurance Brokers SA

Roxsure Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive insurance partner to the Specialist Vehicle Association for South Africa.

About Roxsure Insurance

Roxsure is a highly professional insurance broker, providing a range of quality product to cover life, vehicles, lifestyle, home and so much more. We have developed an enviable reputation for good advice and reliable products for a range of ‘Lifestyle’ activities, including Classic & Collectible Cars. Most importantly is the way we work with our customers, we get to know our clients and their needs, then create a package of insurance cover that fulfills their needs perfectly.

Why choose Roxsure Insurance?

  • We are a family business with strong traditional values
  • We are passionate about social responisibility
  • We focus on personal service
  • We are staffed by highly trained experienced people
  • We have dedicated consultants to assist you
  • We understand all your insurance needs
  • We finalise claims in record time

Personal Lifestyle Insurance

A Personal Line insurance policy covers all of one’s tangible assets that one has worked hard for. However, should one earn an income from the item, this item must be insured via a Commercial Insurance policy.

Lifestyle insurance covers all your personal and equipment needs, used for recreational activities i.e. Hang gliding, rock climbing, cycling to deep-sea diving equipment and more. Including;

  •  Building / Home Owners
  •  House Contents
  •  All Risks: Items not at the risk address
  •  Motor Vehicles
  •  Motor Cycles
  •  Personal Liability
  •  Trailers
  •  Caravans
  •  Camping Equipment
  •  Bicycle Insurance

Do you need Commercial Liability Insurance Cover? FIND OUT MORE

  • Cover is designed for professionals who interact with customers or members of the public. It protects against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers as a result of your business activities.
  • This is liability insurance payable to the directors and officers of a company, or to the organisation, as indemnification for losses or advancements of defence costs in the event an insured suffers such a loss as a result of legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as directors and offices.
  • This cover is aimed at protection against financial loss resulting from a legal liability to a third party. Anyone who offers services or advice in a specialised field could be held accountable at law for the advice or service to the general standards of their profession or industry.
  • This insurance would cover the Business Practitioner whose aim is to facilitate the rehabilitation of a company that is in “financial distress”.

Classic | Vintage | Collectable Motor Vehicle Insurance? FIND OUT MORE

CVC is a specialist insurance product specifically designed for YOU an enthusiast collector of Vintage, Classic, and Collectable vehicles and is designed to protect your treasured vehicle comprehensively.
If you are not sure if the above is the correct cover for your vehicle you need to ask yourself the following questions and if your answer is “Yes” to either of the two questions you are at the right place for the right cover for your vehicle:


  •  Is your vehicle older than 30 years of age from first date of registration?


  •  Is the production line of your vehicle no more than 5 – 8 000 in the world of the vehicle model?

Modern Car, Motorhome and Caravan cover also available

Caravan & Motorhome cover for touring is also available at competitive rates,

Motorhome Insurance:
Contact Roxsure to find a great deal on Motorhome Insurance. Motorhome insurance is a type of motor cover that’s specific to motorhomes and campervans in South Africa. This type of insurance can cover your vehicle, you and your passengers for damages, accidents and theft whilst on the road driving, or parked up and relaxing

Caravan Insurance:
Roxsure’s caravan and trailer insurance is a comprehensive insurance cover that includes cover for loss or damage due to theft, hijacking, hail, storm, collision, fire, accidental damage and other events being carried in or on a caravan or trailer.

You can also insure motor vehicles and household assets like buildings, furniture, appliances, clothing and electronic devices that belong to you, the people who live with you or the people who are financially dependent on you. You must have an insurable interest in the assets you cover on your Plan.

This means that if the assets on your Plan are lost, stolen or damaged you will suffer a financial loss. The assets that you insure under this Plan must be permanently located in South Africa. Please contact us so that we may offer the best recommendation for your insurance needs.

SVA Says: The SVA is pleased to recognise and recommend Roxsure for Classic & Collectible car insurance products. For private client and larger collections cover, we recommend making contact with our man in South Africa Aubrey Malden. Aubrey is an enthusiast, collector and journalist of many years to the Classic Car world.

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