Thank you for renewing your Specialist Vehicle Association membership

We know that 2020 was a tough year for many Classic and Collectible car businesses, so we are increasing our activities to promote your business in 2021 and ongoing.  REMEMBER!  Everything we do for you from this point on is FREE OF CHARGE!  So to get the best out of your SVA International membership, please remember to:

1: Visit your SVA page from time to time to ensure if shows everything you do.  We are not a governing body, we are here to promote your business exclusively!

2: Send us any changes you would like, and tell us about what’s new in 2021 for your business.  We want to trumpet your new products and services to the world of business, owners, collectors & enthusiasts!

3: Add our SVA membership logo and link to your page to your website, and announce you are an official member of the SVA, there should be little or no cost to do this.  It is widely accepted that customers confidence is underpinned by membership of a recognised trade body

4: Introduce yourself to other SVA members, expanding your digital and real footprint is by far the best way find new customers.  You can also share services and add value to your customer offering.  As MD, I will always make individual introductions to a specific member if you wish, so feel free to get in touch.