Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

The Goodwood Story: No:1 in the Beaulieu Motor Museum evening lectures this Saturday 18th Jan

MG C type Midget with Earl of March 1931
Freddie March 9th Duke and successful Brooklands drivers

The Goodwood Story Saturday 18th January 7pm-10pm

To begin, let me say I have attended several of the Beaulieu lectures and they can be fascinating.. The auditorium is warm and tier seated, soft lights and a large screen create the backdrop to what have been some highly interesting lectures from some experts in their field..

Even more is how entertaining they can be as the information always includes the 4 most important factors:



Entertaining & often Amusing

You can even enjoy a social drink at their bar to chat with other like minded enthusiasts!

From King Charles II and the creation of the Dukedom of Richmond in 1672, to the purchase of Goodwood by the family in 1697, to what is now England’s premier sporting estate, the
Goodwood story spans over 300 years. This talk covers the fascinating life of Freddie March,
the 9th Duke, and successful Brooklands racer. You will learn about Goodwood’s role in the
Second World War, the creation of RAF Westhampnett within the estate, and how the first
USAAF pilots to see action in the European theatre of the war were based there. The race
circuit came into being after the war, and Goodwood’s glory years were 1948 to 1966, when the circuit closed for racing. A successful campaign was fought in the 1990s to return racing to
Goodwood, resulting in the Goodwood Revival, first run in 1998. 
Harry Sherrard’s dedication to all things motoring saw him compete extensively and become a demonstration driver for Aston Martin, amongst many other adventures. He has a 30-year
association with Goodwood instructing at the circuit, being involved with the campaign for the
return of racing, and driving in both the Revival and the Festival of Speed. In 2014 Harry published his motoring biography ‘Taking Part’.

Future lectures include:

Saturday 15 February 2020
Austin Adventures, with George Mooney

George Mooney and Joy, his wife of 58 years, are known to many in the Austin Seven world
for their adventures with their Baby Austin Seven cars.
George has been a Life member of the Friends for 40 years and his presentation put together
especially for this talk focuses on his adventures with their remarkable Austins since they
bought their first Box saloon for transport in 1962. They still own and use that same Box
Saloon which has been joined by several other Austins over time!
When they needed a car for Joy back in 1962 they had no idea of what choosing an Austin
Seven would lead to. Joy chose the Austin against a Fiat Topolino of the same year.
They crossed the Atlantic twice with their 2-seater Cambridge Special A7 – in 2005 when
they drove across South America – and in 2006 driving across the USA Route 66. On both
trips they reached the Pacific Ocean.
George’s presentation will be illustrated with photography covering most of their trips over a
period of more than 40 years. There were many more trips that were not recorded. Their most recent was to Yorkshire in July 2019.

Saturday 21 March
Steph Jeavons Returns

We are delighted to welcome back author, journalist and adventurer, Steph Jeavons
who returns to entertain us, this time with her experiences of leading the first-ever
all-female riding group from Kathmandu to Mount Everest Base Camp.
Entitled “Girls on Top” Steph admitted: ““I was under no illusion that this was going to
be a journey filled with both extreme highs and lows”.
Hear how they battled with Mother Nature as the weather created havoc, and
overcame altitude sickness and injury, which sadly ended the journey for some.
With so much thrown at them along the way, they still made it to Base Camp on
schedule. This is a remarkable story of endurance and friendship. Leaving the last
word to Steph: “I knew that they would go home, digest all their experiences and
come out the other side wanting more … the bar had been set and now the
possibilities were endless. I am very proud of those women and very honoured to
have ridden with them”.

Saturday 18 April
The Petroliana Experience, with Alan Chandler

If you are interested in motoring then you have undoubtedly taken part in “The Petroliana
Experience” without possibly realising what it is. Alan Chandler became involved as a result of wanting to add some atmosphere to the storage area for his hobby, the garage. What started as a bit of decoration has developed into a collection approaching 4,000 items, creating space pressures on the cars themselves! Along the way he has met many interesting motoring enthusiasts, travelled around the world, learnt a great deal, written four books and built a website (
Alan says: “When I have shown others my garage, it is always a pleasure to see the surprise from them irrespective of their interest in cars. Some relate petroliana to industrial art, others are amazed by the atmosphere created, the variety of pumps, equipment and period advertising involved. This industry has evolved mainly in the last 100 years and will no longer be in use after just a few more years. Petrol, along with other carbon fuels, will soon become extinct. Conversely, the hobby of collecting petroliana is growing at a record rate and not just with older male motoring enthusiasts”.
So if you are wondering what petroliana is all about, come along and discover a new area associated to our motoring heritage.

For more details go to: Beaulieu Evening Lectures find out more

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