Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

The legendary ‘Haynes’ manuals, still king of good advice and illustrated instruction!

SVA member Rimmer Bros, a leading retailer of British car parts, spares and accessories have a wide range of manufacturers and models available for those hardy enthusiasts who like to work on their own vehicle. And the list of manuals is unbelievable! From Buick to Beford and Jaguar to Jeep and the many vehicle models therein.

In truth, the nearest I ever get to working on my own E-350 125 edition is oil, coolant and cleaning, but many friends of the SVA get great pleasure and accomplishment from repairing their own classic cars and more importantly save thousands of pounds!

Even we were surprised with the unusual brands included! Smart will of course become a classic like all other cars, with the focus probably on the Brabus Coupe below..
Unbelievably rapid, cool to look at and even better to drive with 6,000,000 miles headroom! What’s not to like..

To view the complete range of Haynes legendary manuals go to

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