Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

You dont HAVE TO, go to court! Advice from SVA legal partner Jonathan Lux..

As a member of the SVA, we have a range of services available to you as a member, one of these is complimentary access to one of the UK’s leading legal-Mediation advisers Jonathan Lux. As our partner he provides SVA members twice the initial free period to hear your case..

Former Barrister and Global Legal Society Mediation award winner Jonathan Lux

Why mediation and not Court and a Solicitor or Barrister?

Litigation is heavy duty and, according to at least one High Court Judge, arbitration is ’unwigged’ court proceedings: similar in terms of time and cost but the arbitrator doesn’t wear a wig (although some undoubtedly should!).

What then with mediation: the 80:20 rule applies. It has the potential to save about 80% of the costs which would be incurred in litigation or arbitration. Think of it this way: if the overall costs to the end trial are 100% then research shows that in most cases 20% of these costs are spent to acquire about 80% of the evidence and then the remaining 80% of the costs are spent trying to dredge up the remaining 20% of the evidence, which rarely makes any substantive difference to the outcome of the case. Therefore, if you can pick the moment when you have spent the 20% and have enough information and documentation to discuss the case sensibly – there you have the potential to save 80% costs.

Added to that, mediation leaves it open to parties to achieve left-field solutions beyond the powers of any judge or arbitrator to order – a solution which may well reinforce rather than fracture the business relationship between the parties. That is why we mediation enthusiasts speak of ‘win, win’ outcomes!

If you would like to explore a mediation solution with Jonathan Lux, please go to his page on our Founder Partner’s pages. Email: or call: 07716 887910 Please remember to mention you are an SVA member to enjoy your free time!

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